Download Free WeatherBug App Right Now!!

Download Free WeatherBug App Right Now!!

WeatherBug is an app which allows you to track local weather and view forecasts for the selected area. The desktop application was initially launched in 2000 and has been receiving frequent updates since.

The Profound Weather App

The key feature of WeatherBug is the sophisticated weather data it provides. After you download WeatherBug app, you will be able to track both basic information, such as temperature or precipitation, and more detailed data, such as humidity, pressure, wind gust, sunrise and sunset time and more. It even provides the air quality index for the selected location. For the fans of classic easy to understand weather forecasts, there are short text descriptions of what is going on in your area and what you should expect in the near future. Moreover, there are daily, hourly and even 10-day forecasts available in the WeatherBug app. This is not the only reason to do a weather app download.

Stay Alert

One of the key reasons to download WeatherBug weather app is that the app is capable of sending important weather alerts. It warns you about upcoming storms or other dangerous weather conditions. WeatherBug can be downloaded and installed quickly, allowing you to immediately start tracking the weather. The powerful tool will keep you aware of upcoming weather changes and help you to get prepared for any conditions on the outside. The app is also able to display the distance to the latest and nearest events like lightning strikes, fires and hurricanes.

Swiss Knife of Weather Apps

The app does not only display detailed information about the weather in your region. There are several additional features which may help in all kinds of weather-related cases. First of all, there are real-time cameras all around the world: you can see what is happening in a specific region right from your app. Secondly, there are real-time maps of active hurricanes, sparks and fires around the world. You can simply open the global map from the correct section of the app, and you will see the ongoing fires and hurricanes, which might change your plans for a trip, for example.

There is also a pack of additional features in the Life section of the app. There you can find the forecasts for specific allergies and pollen, cold and flu information for your region, snow and ski info, which will help to choose the best location for winter sports and the travel segment, where the real-time weather of most popular cities for tourism is displayed.

For Free

The best thing about this app is that WeatherBug free download for PC is available on the official website. You can have a WeatherBug download for Windows 10, and in case you need an old version of WeatherBug download, there are builds for older operating systems as well. The WeatherBug download for computer is completely free and does not have any paid subscriptions or in-app purchases.



Q: Does WeatherBug use internet data?

A: Yes, in order to display local weather in real time, WeatherBug app uses internet data,

just as all the other weather apps.

Q: Is WeatherBug free?

A: Yes, WeatherBug free download is available on all platforms.

Q: Where does WeatherBug get its data?

A: WeatherBug bases its forecasts on data from weathertech stations all around the world.