WeatherBug Update: New Look!

Yes, your smartphone may probably have a built-in weather detector, but sometimes, it just isn’t really enough, especially if your work or your schedule really depends on having the most accurate and detailed information. One of the most popular Android apps in this category is WeatherBug and now the latest update to the app brings a new look and a UI refresh, a home energy meter that will help you manage your energy use, and several other new widgets to make your weather experience better.

The new WeatherBug has better swipe and scroll navigations so you can easily go through the content it offers, like the current weather conditions, forecast, and severe weather alerts. The content display has been refreshed and so have the dynamic backgrounds that change depending upon the actual weather outside of where you are. The accuracy of the 10-day weather forecasts for over 2.6 million locations has also been improved with ENcast, their advanced weather forecasting system.


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